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About Legal Researcher.

Our service

We provide ad-hoc affordable legal support services for lawyers, barristers and businesses all over the UK. Led by a small team of committed professionals, our qualified and experienced legal researchers are your support team, waiting to help with your case load.

Help for lawyers

Whether you are a solicitor, legal executive or licensed conveyancer, you’ll rely on your support staff to help you manage your caseload. Your support staff determine, and effectively limit, the amount of work you can take on. With our legal services on standby, this doesn’t have to be the case.
Typically, we help lawyers like you with a range of work including:

  • Reviewing and drafting legal documents.
  • Carrying out multi-jurisdictional analysis of the law in relation to specific issues.
  • Verifying and updating legal content for your websites, newsletters, bulletins, in-house materials, etc.
  • Producing professionally researched memorandums considering all relevant law surrounding a fact or issue your client has.
  • Providing case summaries of leading and relevant cases together with full-text copies (where available).
  • Providing document review services – conducting litigation review of documents for different discovery purposes, for example privilege, confidentiality and relevance.
  • Producing summaries of new or existing cases and statutes in relation to hot topics, for websites and publications.

These are just some examples of the legal services we can assist with.  Find out more about our services for solicitors, legal executives and conveyancers.

Help for barristers

As a different type of lawyer, you’ll know that barristers face their own challenges. We assist barristers with a range of projects to ease your case load and allow you to take on more work competitively, including:

  • Legal research.
  • Skeleton arguments.
  • Draft opinion writing.
  • Oral submissions.
  • All other legal research assignments.

These are just some examples of the legal services we can provide to help support you and/or your chambers.  Find out more about our services for barristers.

Help in a difficult economic climate

It’s hard to ignore that law firms are laying off staff, with junior staff often the first to go. Chambers similarly find themselves without the support of junior staff and barristers end up conducting routine and time consuming work that they would otherwise delegate.  This is likely to get worse because of the economic climate.  A further effect of this climate is that smaller firms can’t afford expensive subscriptions to legal research databases like Lexis and Westlaw so their research ability can be limited.

Our service really helps when things are tough because it means you don’t have to employ full time staff to meet your needs. And although you’ll save money, you benefit from the research services of an experienced professional rather than a junior or paralegal.


All of our employees and researchers work under strict confidentiality agreements and will not disclose either the facts of your case (if provided) or the fact that you are a client of our company, unless you give your express permission.

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