Legal process outsourcing: ‘the real value and potential behind the outsourcing movement’

Legal process outsourcing: ‘the real value and potential behind the outsourcing movement’

November, 30, 2009 • Posted by 0 Comments

In an article for LNB news, Neil Hodges reported that pressure on law firms to reduce costs has led to the outsourcing of paralegal tasks and the emergence of what is now known as legal process outsourcing as accepted practice.

The report notes that the range of legal processes that have been effectively outsourced by large law firms in the US and UK in recent years include legal transcription, database creation and maintenance, scanning and indexing evidence, document coding, document review and annotation, document processing and management, creation of forms and precedents, document drafting, legal research and patent drafting. The majority of outsourced work is in the areas of complex litigation, mergers and acquisitions, insolvency, patents and compliance.

Legal process outsourcing has grown in popularity as a way for law firms to cut costs by farming out parts of their administrative or back office work so that lawyers can focus on high-end value work and wider strategic issues.

Kulvinder Reyatt, managing director of European and Asian operations at RR Donnelley notes: “Legal process outsource providers are not just hiring general administration staff to do this type of work. They are hiring paralegals and lawyers both locally and offshore who have extensive expertise in this area. As a result, legal firms are seeing that the work is being done quickly and efficiently, and most importantly to a very high standard. For once, businesses are looking past the mere necessity of outsourcing work, and are instead realising the real value and potential behind the outsourcing movement”.

Source: LNB News ‘Business of Law: Legal Process Outsourcing’ 01/12/2009 30

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