Should you outsource offshore?

Should you outsource offshore?

November, 29, 2011 • Posted by 0 Comments

Outsourcing parts of your legal operation offshore looks like an attractive option and with ‘everyone doing it’ to cut costs, it’s one you can’t afford to ignore. A few days ago, popular legal mag The Lawyer reported that US-based international law firm White & Case was planning to overhaul its offshore operations, transferring a substantial much of its business services to Eastern Europe and piloting legal process outsourcing (LPO) in its Philippines base.

The firm are thinking about offloading parts of its business process unit it currently operates in Manila to the Czech Republic, Hungary or Southern Poland, amid fears that it is overexposed to the Filipino market. They are to carry out due diligence and make their decision within six months. COO Greg Dolan said the idea was based on factors including political and economic uncertainty and the risk of a natural disaster, as well as the preference for offshore services closer to the hubs the firm serves. He states: “If the Philippines were to go down for two weeks, that would be bad for us” (Source: The Lawyer, November 21, 2011).

Such reports highlight some of the concerns firms and businesses encounter when considering offshoring as an option to save costs. Highlighted in our recent post “Offshoring – why you should stay UK“, these include corruption, data loss and data protection.  Outsourcing is a highly attractive option for making cost savings – and outsourcing to a UK company offers the benefits of those cost savings with less of the concerns experienced when sharing confidential information with a third party. You can feel more confident when:

  • You deal with a registered UK company.
  • The outsourcing company is in the UK and you can visit any time by appointment.
  • You deal with a registered data controller subject to UK law.
  • The outsourcing company has adequate indemnity insurance in place.
  • The outsourcing company has processes in place to protect your clients’ confidentiality.
  • The outsourcing company has advanced IT systems supported by in-house dedicated, qualified UK experts to avoid the risk of data loss.
  • You are working under an outsourcing agreement which covers intellectual property and performance standards, transition, disengagement and so on.

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