Here are some examples of completed projects.

Legal research

Problem: A ‘street advertising’ company is offering advertising that is created by cleaning off parts of the dirt on the pavement or road. They claim that the advertisements are entirely legal as they use a technique of cleaning off dirt from the surface. However, after an initial run of advertising using the street advertising company, a business found themselves in receipt of a letter from the Environment and Crimes Investigation Officer, who claimed that it was illegal and that they could fine up to £2.5k per advert in the Magistrates’ Court. The Officer said they would not fine the business provided they did no further advertising. However, the advertising was very effective and the business wanted to use the street advertising service in the future. The research as to their legal position was outsourced to two separate researchers to give an opinion on whether it was likely that this form of ‘guerilla advertising’ was in fact illegal.

Result: Each researcher produced an opinion of around 2,000 words, considering all relevant primary legislation. You may view the opinions here:

Case summary

Website/bulletin content

Please note that the law in these examples may no longer be applicable as they are past examples and the law is constantly evolving.