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Legal research for lawyers.

All over the UK, lawyers are really feeling the strain with the current economic climate. With few junior staff and a heavy caseload, you can really benefit from our legal research services. Our popular research services offer lawyers help with all types of legal research assignments.  Examples of projects we can help with include:

  • Professionally researched memorandums considering all relevant law surrounding a fact or issue your client has.
  • Multi-jurisdictional analysis of the law in relation to a specific issue.
  • Case summaries of leading and relevant cases together with full-text copies.
  • Document review services – litigation review of documents for different discovery purposes, for example privilege, confidentiality and relevance.
  • Review and draft of legal documents.
  • Verification and updating of legal content, for example for websites, newsletters, bulletins, in-house materials, etc.
  • Summary of new or existing cases and statutes in relation to hot topics, for websites and publications.

These are just some examples of what we can help with.  We have both LL.B graduates, LPC graduates and practising solicitors/lawyers on our books who can assist with all areas of legal research. You don’t need to employ someone full time to get the help you need, and you can benefit from assistance from a more senior researcher than would usually be the case.

Benefits of using Legal Researcher

  • Utilise UK-qualified law graduates or law professionals – you choose.
  • Get a fast turnaround – as little as 3 hours for urgent cases.
  • Pay for quality legal research services when you need them – and not when you don’t.
  • Unlimited support during your busiest times.
  • Niche specialists available, enabling your firm to cover more areas.

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Project examples

Problem: A business had utilised a ‘street advertising’ company, who claim that the advertisements they place on pavements are perfectly legal as they use a technique of cleaning off dirt from the surface. An Environment and Crimes Investigation Officer wrote to the Business, claiming that it was illegal and that they could fine up to £2.5k per advert in the Magistrates’ Court. The research was outsourced to two separate researchers to give an opinion on whether it was likely that this form of ‘guerilla advertising’ was in fact illegal.

Result: Each researcher produced an opinion of around 2,000 words, considering all relevant primary legislation. You may view the opinions here:

Opinion 1 (Jan 2010)
Opinion 2 (Jan 2010)

Opinions like these save lawyers hours of research time in considering the most up to date and relevant legislation on a particular point of law.

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