Legal Process Outsourcing

What is legal process outsourcing?

Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) is a term used to refer to the practice of a law firm or barristers’ chambers getting legal support services from an outside company.

LPO providers are commonly based in India, Israel, the Phillipines, the US and Latin America. Typically, services on offer include legal research, drafting and document review. Our Company, Legal Researcher, is based in the UK and uses only UK-qualified legal researchers. We cater for legal research and most types of legal research assignment.

Why does my practice need legal process outsourcing?

As a lawyer or barrister, you need legal research to help you find out about clients’ problems.  Ordinarily, this research would be carried out by a junior lawyer or paralegal. However, in recent times, firms have had to lay off hundreds of support staff and have found themselves short of this support. Employing support staff for ad-hoc research is not economically viable – therefore, highly skilled fee earners end up doing the work themselves.

Legal process outsourcing: a competitive alternative

Led by a small team of committed professionals, our qualified and experienced researchers are your support team, waiting to help with your case load. Our service really helps when things are tough because it means you don’t have to employ full time staff to meet your needs.

In addition, as well as saving money, you can benefit from the research services of a UK qualified and experienced research professional rather than a junior or paralegal.


All of our employees and researchers work under strict confidentiality agreements and will not disclose either the facts of your case (if provided) or the fact that you are a client of our company, unless you give your express permission.

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