Law outsourcing

What is law outsourcing?

Law outsourcing refers to law firms and chambers using external companies to carry out some of their legal work – typically less specialised work that would ordinarily be given to a junior lawyer, paralegal or other support team member. This might include legal research, drafting and document review. A lot of this work is carried out in India and the Phillipines.

What are the benefits of law outsourcing?

Law firms and barristers’ chambers will usually consider law outsourcing to save cash. To employ a support team member, they will need to pay for the cost of recruitment, the employee’s salary plus employers’ NI contributions (currently 11%), sick pay, holiday pay, maternity pay, the cost of premises/facilities, benefits and bonuses, liability insurance and pensions.

Legal practices don’t need to employ full time support staff to carry out this kind of work any more. This is particularly attractive in a difficult climate where support staff are being laid off.

Why does my practice need law outsourcing?

As a lawyer or barrister, you need legal research to help you find out about clients’ problems.┬áIt is no longer financially viable to employ support staff for ad-hoc research and you don’t want your highly skilled fee earners doing this work themselves. Legal Researcher can help transform your firm’s profitability. Led by a small team of committed professionals, our qualified and experienced researchers are your support team, waiting to help with your case load.

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