Law research

Whether you’re a lawyer, barrister, business or student, you can benefit from our law research services.

What is law research?

As a lawyer or barrister, you need law research to help you find out about clients’ problems.¬†Good law research enables you to answer your clients’ questions and give your client the best possible advice. Law research usually includes finding the answer to a particular legal problem or point of law through examining various sources. These might include primary sources (legislation and cases) as well as secondary sources (legal dictionaries, encyclopedias, law reviews etc).

Who normally carries out law research?

As you’ll know, law research would ordinarily be carried out by a junior lawyer or paralegal. However, in recent times, firms have had to lay off hundreds of support staff and have found themselves short of this support. Employing support staff for ad-hoc research is not economically viable – therefore, highly skilled fee earners end up doing the work themselves.

Law research outsourcing: a competitive alternative

Legal Researcher has a team of UK-qualified, experienced law professionals who offer law research services at a competitive price. We provide quality legal research when you need it – in as little as 3 hours for urgent cases. Our company is led by a team of committed people, which includes a qualified F.ILEX and our employees and researchers work under strict confidentiality agreements.

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