Law researcher

Outsource your legal work to a professional law researcher.

Legal Researcher provides quality legal outsourcing for your firm or barristers’ chambers. Our UK-qualified, experienced law researchers can assist you with a variety of tasks including legal research, document review, opinion drafting, skeleton argument drafting, oral submissions and much more.

Why does my practice need a law researcher?

As a lawyer or barrister, you need law research to help you find out about clients’ problems.¬†Ordinarily, this research would be carried out by a junior lawyer or paralegal. However, we understand that these resources may not be available to you – employing support staff for ad-hoc law research doesn’t make good financial sense.

Quality law researcher services

Led by a small team of committed professionals, our qualified and experienced law researchers are your support team, waiting to help with your case load. Not only will you benefit from saving money, but you’ll be using a UK qualified and experienced professional rather than a junior or paralegal, meaning that the quality of research you receive is more competent.

Our law researchers use superior research databases including Westlaw and LexisLibrary so you’ll receive the up-to-date, high quality information that you really need. In addition, you can be assured that all of our employees and researchers work under strict confidentiality agreements. Contact us to chat about your legal process outsourcing needs and for a free quote without obligation.