Legal research and writing

As a lawyer or barrister, you are likely to need legal research and writing services frequently in your role. Unfortunately, in this economic climate, you may have found that you don’t have all the support services you need at your law firm. More junior staff and paralegals have been laid off than fee earners, leaving experienced lawyers to do a lot of the ‘leg work’.

Law firms are missing out

Legal research and writing services are available from Legal Researcher – the legal research service company. We use UK qualified legal professionals to provide you with legal research and writing, document review, opinion writing, oral submission drafting and many more legal services, Our legal research and writing services enable your firm to streamline its services, cut costs, become more profitable and operate more competitively.

Benefits of using our legal research and writing services

  • Law firms and barristers’ chambers using our legal research and writing services benefit in many ways:
  • Utilise UK-qualified law graduates or law professionals – you choose.
  • Get a fast turnaround – as little as 3 hours for urgent cases.
  • Pay for quality legal research services when you need them – and not when you don’t.
  • Unlimited support during your busiest times.
  • Niche specialists available, enabling your firm to cover more areas.

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