Legal research services

What is legal outsourcing?

Legal outsourcing refers to the process of firms allocating (usually) less-skilled legal work to an external company. Law firms may find themselves short of support staff and not in a position financially to employ the sources they need. Legal outsourcing allows them to have support services available to them without the responsibility or expense of taking on additional people. Typical legal outsourcing assignments include legal research, drafting, opinion writing and document review.

Law firms are missing out

Many UK law firms haven’t got a grip on the opportunities that legal outsourcing offers them. As a result, they are falling behind the rest and are losing existing business and opportunities for new business. Failing to evaluate the effect of legal outsourcing would have on your firm may mean that you are missing out on opportunities to streamline your services, cut costs, make your firm more profitable and more competitive.

Benefits of legal outsourcing in the UK

Some firms are turning to India and the Phillipines to fulfil their legal outsourcing. But these offshore freelancers can’t compete with quality-focused legal outsourcing companies who use superior sources for their research, such as Westlaw and LexisLibrary. Further, offshore companies don’t always use UK-qualified and experienced law professionals, making them less reliable than local alternatives..

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