Legal researcher

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As a law firm or chambers, you may sometimes need the services of a legal researcher. Typically this may be to carry out support tasks such as legal research, document review and drafting. In today’s economic climate, you are likely finding that your firm doesn’t provide the level of support services you need and sometimes you have to carry out less-skilled tasks as a result.

Benefits of using UK legal researchers

Some firms are turning to India and the Phillipines to fulfil their legal research requirements. But these offshore legal researchers can’t compete with quality-focused legal researcher companies who use superior sources for their research, such as Westlaw and LexisLibrary. Further, offshore companies don’t always use UK-qualified and experienced legal researchers, making them less reliable than local alternatives..

Law firms are missing out

Outsourcing your legal research work to qualified UK legal researchers presents an exciting opportunity for your law firm. Outsourcing enables you to streamline your services, cut your costs, and make your firm more profitable and competitive. Not only do you save money on keeping full time staff in house when you don’t already need them, but you don’t need to subscribe to expensive legal research databases either – our legal researchers use these as a matter of course.

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